World News Briefs -- January 16, 2018

Reuters: U.S.-led meeting urges North Korea pressure despite North-South detente

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - The world needs to step up pressure on North Korea to force it to abandon its nuclear weapons program and should not be fooled by a charm offensive in engaging South Korea, participants at a 20-nation meeting on North Korea said on Tuesday.

“We must increase the costs of the regime’s behavior to the point that North Korea must come to the table for credible negotiations,” U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the one-day meeting he is co-hosting with Canada in Vancouver.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has refused to give up development of nuclear missiles capable of hitting the United States in spite of increasingly severe U.N. sanctions, raising fears of a new war on the Korean peninsula.

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Turkish attack on US-backed Kurds in Syria believed imminent. Syria war: Turkish forces mass near Kurdish areas. Turkey threatens military action against Syrian Kurds allied with US.

Syria: Kurdish civilians fear threat of Turkey offensive. Syria Kurds say will defend enclave from Turkish 'scourges'.

Erdogan hopes to continue talks on Syria with Putin rather than Trump.

Iran says planned U.S.-backed force inside Syria would fan war.

Syrian army vows to eject US troops.

Fighting in northwest Syria causes 200,000 displacements: UN.

Riyadh says another missile from Yemen intercepted, this one targeting Jazan.

5,000 children killed or injured in Yemen war: UN.

Experts doubt Emirati claim Qatar intercepted aircraft.

US holds back $65m aid to Palestinians.


Afghan refugees in Pakistan face mass deportation.

Afghan president meets UN Security Council, calls for more pressure on Pakistan.

North Korea missile launch alert sent by Japanese broadcaster NHK in error.

Tillerson vows allies won't ease up on North Korea pressure. US, allies meet on N.Korea but China absence looms.

Plan for joint Olympics team with North gets icy reception in South Korea.

South Korea refuses to send back 12 North Korean defectors.

Rohingya crisis: Bangladesh and Myanmar agree repatriation timeframe. Rohingya refugees to return 'within two years.

China races to tackle expanding oil spill after tanker sinks, fearing major environmental catastrophe.

China reprimands companies calling Tibet and Taiwan independent.

Duterte denies ordering shutdown of news site Rappler.

India ends government subsidies for Hajj pilgrimage.


Sisi: Egypt does not want war with Sudan and Ethiopia.

Sisi vows to protect Egypt's Nile use.

Senegal: Army targets rebel hideouts in Casamance region.

Dozens arrested in Sudan as protests over price hikes continue.

Former DR Congo army chief accused of coup bid held in Gabon.

'Al-Shabaab is recruiting children in Somalia' - HRW.

Nigeria releases Boko Haram suspects after rehabilitation.

'Employ us or kill us': Tunisian youth on the margins.


Donald Tusk: EU's 'heart still open to UK' over Brexit.

Czech government loses confidence vote in parliament.

'Iranian spies' targeted in German police searches.

Refugee numbers in Germany dropped dramatically in 2017.

France will not allow another refugee camp in Calais, says Macron.

EU: Serbia, Montenegro 'could join in 2025'.

Danish police charge young people for sharing video of teens having sex following Facebook tip-off.

EU to remove Panama, Korea, UAE, 5 others from tax haven blacklist.


Trump Russia: Bannon 'ordered to testify to grand jury'. Steve Bannon subpoenaed to testify in Mueller's Russia investigation – report.

Trump administration appeals ruling on young immigrants.

Trump 'healthy,' no cognitive issues: doctor.

Watchdog says democratic freedoms waning in US under Trump.

Venezuela helicopter pilot Oscar Pérez killed in raid. Venezuelan rebel police officer killed in shootout with special forces.

Venezuela President orders hate crime probe for 2 Bishops.

Colombian suspension bridge collapse kills nine workers, injured five.

Searching for answers: Argentine Congress launches probe into vanished sub.

WHO: All of Sao Paulo state at risk for yellow fever.


Sahel zone: New operation to fight terrorism.

Arrest warrants are issued for 20 Australian jihadis who have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight with Islamic State.

Neil Prakash: Australian Islamic State terrorist linked with failed Statue of Liberty bomb plot.

Pakistan releases pro-Taliban leader Sufi Muhammad.


Dow industrials recede from 26,000 as early gains fade.

China Development Bank commits $250bn to Belt and Road.

McDonald's aims for fully recycled packaging by 2025.

BP's Deepwater Horizon bill tops $65bn.

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