U.S. Democratic Lawmakers: No 'Illusions' About N. Korea's Nuclear Work Amid Olympics Talks

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The Hill: Dems after Asia trip: No 'illusions' about N. Korea's nuclear work amid Olympics talks

North Korea continues to work on its nuclear and missile programs as talks with South Korea about the Winter Olympics progress, a pair of Democratic lawmakers told reporters Wednesday after returning from a trip to Japan and South Korea.

“It is a positive sign that the North Koreans are participating in the Olympics, but also very clearly from our military leaders … they’re not refraining from continuing to move forward with their efforts to solve the final problems with being able to nuclearize an intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit the American homeland,” Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) said.

“So while they’re doing this, they’re still continuing to pursue their nuclear development, and that was not something that anybody that we talked to had any illusions about, whether it was civilian or military," she added.

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WNU Editor: You have to wonder where were these lawmakers a few years ago when North Korea's nuclear program was known to be on a trajectory to develop deliverable nuclear weapons .... U.S. Intelligence Agencies Knew In 2013 That North Korea Was Capable Of Miniaturising Nuclear Weapons (August 10, 2017)

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