Turkey Continues To Prepare To Attack The Syrian Kurdish Enclave At Afrim

BBC: Turkey targets Kurds in Afrin: The short, medium and long story

Turkey says it is getting ready to launch a massive assault on Kurdish forces on the other side of the border with Syria - potentially putting it in direct conflict with its Nato ally, the United States.

This could be a significant new development in the Syrian civil war, which is now almost seven years old. We've boiled down why it matters.

You can choose to read the short, medium or long story below, either by themselves or one after the other.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. response to Turkey's threats against its only real ally in Syria has been contradictory .... Watch The State Department Respond As US Ally Turkey Attacks US-Backed Forces In Syria (Zero Hedge). In a sign that the Syrian Kurds are becoming desperate as they face an imminent attack from Turkey, they are now appealing to the UN .... Syrian Kurds Appeal to UN as Turkey Prepares to Attack (VOA).

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