This American Scientist Has Seen North Korea's Nuclear Secrets

Sig Hecker and correspondent David Martin observe Kim Jong Un with the 'disco ball' bomb. CBS News

CBS 60 Minutes: The American scientist who's seen North Korea's nuclear secrets

It may mostly be propaganda when North Korea boasts about its nuclear capabilities, but one American says to be careful not to underestimate the country's power

Relations with North Korea had been going from bad to worse until this past week when the North suddenly agreed to send a delegation to next months' Winter Olympics in South Korea. But one thing - the most important thing - hasn't changed. North Korea insists it will never give up its nuclear weapons and is keeping them aimed at the United States. For years, the North has been boasting about its growing nuclear arsenal in an effort to convince the U.S. it cannot be pushed around. Much of that is propaganda, but all good propaganda has an element of truth. To make sure the U.S. got the message, the North Koreans handed - literally handed - an American scientist one of their most valuable nuclear secrets. And not just any scientist - but a man who used to be in charge of designing American nuclear weapons.

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WNU Editor: This is a must read post. You can also watch the video at the CBS link.

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