The U.S. Deploys Its Electronic Warfare Plane To South Korea

Popular Mechanics: The U.S. Has an Electronic Warfare Plane and One of Them Is Headed to Korea

The EC-130H is a C-130 Hercules fitted with electronic jamming devices and a crew of 13.

The U.S. Air Force just sent one of its most advanced electronic warfare aircraft to South Korea.

The EC-130H Compass Call, originally designed to jam enemy radio signals, was recently upgraded with the ability to identify and attack enemy wireless networks. The EC-130H was spotted traveling from Yokota Air Base, Japan to Osan Air Base in South Korea and reported on Twitter by @AircraftSpots.

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Update #1: US Air Force Sends DOS-Attacking Aircraft to Korean Peninsula (Sputnik)
Update #2: US Deploys Tactical Communications-Scrambling Plane To Korean Peninsula (Zero Hedge)

WNU Editor: If the U.S. was really worried on what was happening on the Korean peninsula, they would not be deploying just one of these aircraft.

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