The Russian Navy Shows-Off Its Firepower In A Live-Fire Exercise (Video)

Popular Mechanics: This Russian Navy Live Fire Is a Fireworks Display of Weaponry

Moscow’s Northern Fleet launches missiles and shoots guns during exercise at sea.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence posted a New Years video of the Northern Fleet conducting a live fire exercise. The video shows the ships of the fleet firing all manner of weapons while at sea, from huge anti-ship missiles to rapid fire deck guns.

The video starts off with a fly-by of Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, followed by a quick cut to the launch of a SA-N-9 Kinzhal medium range surface to air missile. The carrier is also featured at the 0:25 mark, when it launches point defense missiles and fires the dual 30-millimeter Gatling guns of the Kashtan close-in weapons system. Kuznetsov’s Kashtans would attempt to stop any anti-ship missiles or aircraft homing on the big ship that make it through the carrier’s escort screen.

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WNU Editor: This is what I call sending a message to everyone that the Russian navy is ready to fight. But when I looked at the video .... yes the firepower is impressive .... but (to me) some of those ships look old.

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