The Chinese Are Selling Arms To Everyone

Epoch Times: As China Increases Arms Exports, More Weapons End up in the Hands of Terrorists and Dictators

The Communist regime’s military-industrial complex arms rebels and pariah states worldwide

Despite the country’s burgeoning military budget, China has not fought a war since 1979. But that hasn’t stopped Chinese weapons from seeing extensive use in conflict zones across multiple continents—and in the hands of the world’s most notorious terrorists and dictatorships.

A recent report compiling three years of research has indicated that as the United States, Russia, and other countries battle the ISIS terrorist group, the biggest proportion of their arsenal originates in Chinese weapons factories. Fully 43 percent of arms captured from ISIS were Chinese-made, compared to 1.8 percent of American origin.

The report, published by the UK-based Conflict Armament Research, said that its findings “mirror broad trends in the global market for Warsaw Pact-calibre materiel. China predominates as a producer.”

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WNU Editor: These Chinese weapons are "low-end" .... but with a policy of selling weapons to almost anyone who pays cash .... and no restrictions on who gets these weapons .... no one should be surprised that today's Chinese arms merchants are prospering.

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