It Is Now A Hate Crime In Venezuela To Criticise The Government

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro attends an event with workers in Caracas, Nov. 14, 2017.

VOA: Venezuela President Orders Hate Crime Probe for 2 Bishops

CARACAS, VENEZUELA — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called for an investigation into Roman Catholic priests he says have made comments critical of the government.

Maduro said in an address Monday that church officials may have committed hate crimes, an accusation he frequently levels at government critics.

He called on the pro-government chief prosecutor and Supreme Court to investigate.

Venezuela sits atop the world's largest oil reserves but is enduring an economic after nearly two decades of socialist rule.

Maduro didn't directly name any priests.

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WNU Editor: No mercy for this opponent of the government .... ‘The order is to kill you,’ Venezuelan soldiers reportedly told rebel cop before firing (Miami Herald).

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