How To Survive A Missile Attack

In Hawaii, the sirens for a missile attack and a natural disaster warning sound different (Pictured: A sign in Oahu, Hawaii, after the false emergency alert)

BBC: How to survive a missile attack: What's the official advice?

What would you do if a hostile missile was flying towards your country, and you had minutes to take cover?

It's a terrifying prospect, and one the people of Hawaii faced on Saturday when an emergency warning was mistakenly sent telling them, "Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill".

Many tweeted that they were taking refuge in bathtubs, or even under mattresses.

But what's the official guidance in the event of a North Korean missile attack?

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WNU Editor:  A conventional missile attack is one thing .... a nuclear missile attack is another. It appears that everyone on Saturday believed they were under a nuclear attack .... in short .... the worse case scenario.

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