Here Is How The North Korean Military Will Defeat The U.S. Army


Michael Peck, National Interest: North Korea Plans to Defeat the U.S. Army in a War. Here's How.

Normal military doctrine says that an attacker should outnumber the defender by at least three to one at the point of attack.

But since when is North Korea normal? The Korean People's Army (KPA) believes that it only needs to amass a two to one edge on the battlefield to defeat U.S. and South Korean troops. What's more, North Korea seems to believe that it can win using the same tactics that Chinese troops successfully employed in the Korean War.

"The DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] believes that the average KPA soldier is physically, mentally, militarily, and politically better trained and prepared for war than any individual soldier the North Korean will meet on the battlefield.... With this type of mental indoctrination, it is likely that many KPA military personnel would rather fight to the death than surrender," says a U.S. Army study of North Korean tactics. The study, titled "Threat Tactics Report: North Korea," was published in October 2015 by the U.S. Army's Training and Doctrine Command.

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WNU editor: In the first months of a conventional war, the North Korean Army will be primarily facing the South Korean Army, and on terrain that will be hostile to any advancing North Korean force. The tactics used 70 years ago no longer apply. Technology has transformed the battlefield completely, and heaven help those who are not equipped to face it. In this case .... the North Koreans are not even close to match what will be thrown at them.

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