Here Are 5 Ways That A Nuclear War Can Happen

Tom Nichols, Warrior Maven: 5 Ways a Nuclear War Could Go Down

Nuclear war, the exchange of nuclear weapons between two or more states in open conflict.

It’s unthinkable.

It can’t happen.



Of course, nuclear war is extremely unlikely. Although the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists [3] has placed the hands of its famous clock at five minutes to midnight, that doesn’t mean very much and never has [4]. The fact of the matter is that world nuclear inventories, led by reductions in the United States and Russia, have never been lower, and none of the major powers expects a nuclear conflict in the way they did during the Cold War. To crib a line from Captain Jack Sparrow, however, nuclear war is not impossible, it’s improbable, and a nuclear war could take place in more ways than you might think, sparked by any number of occurrences from a pure accident to an intentional strike.

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WNU Editor: I good review on how a nuclear war can occur.

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