DR Congo Army Launches Offensive Against Ugandan Rebels In The Eastern Part Of The Country

VOA: DRC Launches Offensive Against Ugandan Rebels in Its East

GOMA, DRC — Congolese troops began a military offensive in the eastern city of Beni on Saturday against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Ugandan rebel armed group blamed for an attack that killed 15 U.N. peacekeepers last month.

The operation is part of a joint effort by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda against the group after the suspected ADF attack on a base manned by Tanzanian peacekeeping troops.

That attack, which also killed five Congolese soldiers and wounded another 53 peacekeepers, came amid a rising wave of violence in the mineral-rich, ethnically volatile area.

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Update #1: DR Congo army launches new operation against Ugandan rebels -- New Vision/AFP
Update #2: DR Congo army launches offensive against ADF rebels -- Al Jazeera

WNU Editor: This part of African has been in a constant state of war for decades .... will this new offensive make a difference .... I do not know. But the nations in the region are cooperating .... and that is a positive development.

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