Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 16, 2018

Andrew Salmon, Asia Times: Protecting Pyeongchang: safe Games a national priority

From 'Poliphones' to SWAT teams, and from ski- to horse-borne officers, Seoul is pulling out all the stops to ensure a safe 2018 Winter Olympics next month

South Korean policepersons had better not plan on getting much rest during the upcoming Winter Olympics: The country will deploy 10,000 police officers, backed up with the highest technology, to protect the Games, the Korean National Police (KNP) announced on Tuesday.

Special measures are being emplaced to prevent all forms of terrorism, to handle traffic and to manage the highly anticipated visit of a large North Korean delegation, the senior police official overseeing the Winter Olympics, which take place from February 9-25, explained in a briefing to foreign reporters in Seoul.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 16, 2018

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