China Wants To Deploy Lasers In Space To Destroy Space Junk. Could This Also Be Used As A Weapon?

Popular Mechanics: Could a Chinese Space Junk Laser Double as a Weapon?

A space laser could be useful for dealing with more than just junk.

There are two reactions to a paper regarding space junk that was published this week by researchers at China’s Air Force Engineering University. One, it seems good that the spacefaring nations of the world are considering ways to clean up an increasingly cluttered low Earth orbit. And the Chinese are putting forward a new plan, one that proposes to use a laser to zap the debris. Then there’s the other reaction—maybe it's not just about space junk.

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WNU Editor: Just a side note, but the biggest creation of space debris came from an anti-satellite missile test by China in 2007 .... 2007 Chinese anti-satellite missile test (Wikipedia).

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