After One Year Has President Trump's Foreign Policy Been A Triumph?

Nile Gardiner, National Post: It's time to admit that Trump's foreign policy has been a triumph

The president may lack the eloquence of JFK or the ideological drive of Reagan, but he ensures the U.S. continues to lead as the world's superpower.

When Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president in November 2016 the world took a collective deep breath. This was a man derided by his critics as an isolationist, woefully out of his depth on foreign policy matters, and imbued with a supposedly dangerous and reckless nationalism. European leaders queued up to condemn the new leader of the free world in the court of international opinion. But a year into his presidency Trump’s actual record has been far more effective than his detractors predicted. “America First” has not resulted in a U.S. withdrawal from the world. Far from it.

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WNU Editor: I do not share Nile Gardiner's enthusiasm that President Trump's foreign policy has been a triumph. The Islamic State may have been defeated under his watch, but the other wars continue to grind on, terrorism is still a threat, and our relations with many countries are still the same.

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