After 16 Years Of War Kabul Is Under Siege

Helicopters await passengers at Kabul International Airport. The danger of the capital has made helicopter rides the safest way to and from the airport. CBS News

CBS: Kabul under siege while America's longest war rages on

In 16 years, the Afghan War has cost 2,400 American lives and $1 trillion. But with the country's capital under siege, the end still seems far away

The war in Afghanistan is the longest in U.S. history. It's lasted over 16 years and in that time, America's goals and strategies have changed. Now there's another new plan. President Trump has sent 3,000 more troops to train and assist the Afghan army. But in the Afghan capital you don't have to go far to see the problems. Kabul is so dangerous, American diplomats and soldiers are not allowed to use the roads. They can't just drive two miles from the airport to U.S. headquarters. They have to fly. After all these years, a trillion dollars, and 2,400 American lives -- Kabul is under siege.

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WNU Editor:  Lara Logan who does the above report is right on this point .... the war is different now.

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